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Women’s Health

Summer survival series: Sun protection 101

Whether you’re mowing the lawn, sitting by the pool or chasing kids through the sprinklers, it’s easy to lose track of how long you’ve been outside. That is, of course, until you feel that telltale tingling or itchiness that means you’re going to look like a lobster soon. Here are our best tips to avoid  

Benefits of quitting smoking are immediate, significant

It’s not too late to quit smoking, and some benefits are nearly immediate, a range of experts say.  

Teamwork saves lives

A paramedic works quickly to communicate with staff at the hospital. A cardiothoracic surgeon describes it as seamless coordination at all levels of care. A patient says the staff explained each test and every procedure, involving his family at every point. A nurse says it’s dedication to each patient and sharing in their care. Teamwork  

What makes up a healthy snack?

If you are trying to improve your health, you might want to change your snacking habits, say St.  

How to spot skin cancer

Skin cancer is by far the most common type of cancer. Fortunately, it is also one of the easiest forms of cancer to detect if you know how to spot it. “Skin examinations can be lifesaving,” says Dr. Holly Gunn, medical director of the Dermatology, Aesthetic and Laser Center at St. Elizabeth Physicians in Florence.  

No matter your age, take steps for a healthier you

It’s never too early or late to work toward being your healthiest self. That’s the message during National Women’s Health Week, which kicks off on Sunday, May 14. Whether you’re a 20-something or entering retirement age, it’s time to understand what steps you can take to improve your health and make your health a priority. According  

Northern Kentucky walks to end premature birth

One baby out of every ten is born prematurely, and premature birth is the No. 1 killer of babies. The March of Dimes works year-round to make strides to reduce the incidence of premature birth. The March for Babies is the organization’s largest fundraising event, which will be held locally Sunday, April 30 at 9:00