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Women’s Health

How to survive spring allergies

The beginning of spring brings warmer temperatures and a blooming landscape. Unfortunately for allergy sufferers, spring can also  

Early heart attack detection critical

Chest pain is the most common symptom of a heart attack and can range from elephant-like pressure to  

Long-term side effects of cancer treatments

Medical advancements in cancer treatment can save your life – but some forms of treatment can come with unwanted side effects that show up, in some instances, years later. As with any medication or medical procedure, there are risks involved that will be part of your conversation with your doctor. In the majority of situations,  

What causes a flat spot on baby’s head?

The recommendation to put your baby to sleep in their crib on their back has dramatically reduced the  

Talk to your college students about a safe spring break

For many college students, spring break is a welcome respite from the academic pressure of school and a chance to enjoy a little fun in the sun. For too many students, however, it can be a time of excess and poor choices in an unfamiliar environment. What can parents do to help ensure their teens  

What women need to know about “false positives”

A recent study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine found that women who have to go back for more screening after receiving what’s called a “false positive” on a mammogram were more likely to delay getting that test again. According to Dr. Michael Guenther, in an interview with Local 12, the first thing people should know is  

Assessing your irregular heart rhythm

Your heart may seem to skip a beat, flutter, or feel like it’s racing. Or you may feel  

Benefits of quitting smoking are immediate, significant

It’s not too late to quit smoking, and some benefits are nearly immediate, a range of experts say.  

Innovative PulsePoint app available in NKY

A new app, which will help connect those experiencing cardiac arrest to CPR-certified help, is available in Northern  

Local couples volunteer together, share love year-round

Many people take advantage of Valentine’s Day to share the love they have for their significant other. For one local couple, sharing their love for each other and for the community is a year-round affair. It is said that the secret to a successful marriage can be meeting in the middle, and on the second Sunday