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Volunteering is a way of giving back

When Tim Grogan needed help, St. Elizabeth Healthcare was there. In 2012 Grogan underwent emergency open heart surgery at St. Elizabeth Edgewood as well as a subsequent procedure to put in a pacemaker. Grogan had lost his employer-sponsored health coverage and says the team at St. Elizabeth did more than save his life. They helped  

50 years and going strong with mother’s kidney

Charlene (Charlie) Gillispie wants to get into the book of Guinness World Records someday. She’s not planning an  

Walk your way to a healthier you this spring

Looking to shape up and reduce your risk of heart disease and other diseases? The American Heart Association  

5 things you should know about occupational therapy

April is Occupational Therapy Month. Here are five things you should know about OT and its practitioners:   What is OT? Occupational therapy “helps people across the lifespan to do the things they want and need to do through the therapeutic use of daily activities,” according to the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA). “Occupational therapy  

St. Elizabeth nurse donates kidney after Facebook plea

When Pam Frink left her engineering career in her 40s to study nursing, she had no idea what  

Woman regains sight thanks to cornea transplant

When Cathy Hudson sets out this spring with her husband to hit some of the country’s most savory  

Stay on the court this spring

The most common injury people associate with tennis isn’t the most common injury found at the high school level. Most of us have heard of tennis elbow, an irritation of the tendons that connect forearm muscles to the outer bone of the elbow. It can be caused and exacerbated by overuse, and though it can  

How to survive spring allergies

The beginning of spring brings warmer temperatures and a blooming landscape. Unfortunately for allergy sufferers, spring can also  

Early heart attack detection critical

Chest pain is the most common symptom of a heart attack and can range from elephant-like pressure to  

Going to the Big Dance with NKU’s Molly Woods

Molly Woods, head athletic trainer at Northern Kentucky University (NKU), has an important job keeping the men’s basketball team healthy and prepared for the Norse’s first NCAA Tournament appearance. A No. 15 seed, NKU will face No. 2 Kentucky on Friday, March 17, in Indianapolis.   Woods sat down with SmartHealthToday to discuss her role