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Reduce your risk of a stroke

Sudden severe headache? Confused? A bit dizzy? Symptoms that women tend to dismiss with a simple “I’m just  

MS: Finding a cure starts with awareness and education

March is National MS Education and Awareness Month. Why is education and awareness so important? It’s the first step toward research and finding a cure, says Randy Nickum, coordinator of logistics and volunteer engagement for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s Ohio Valley chapter. Worldwide, more than 2.3 million people suffer from MS, a chronic disease  

Benefits of quitting smoking are immediate, significant

It’s not too late to quit smoking, and some benefits are nearly immediate, a range of experts say.  

6 tips to help your loved one defeat a medical condition

It’s not the label; it’s the connection that can make a world of difference in defeating health challenges. Whether they are taking notes, clarifying explanations or just offering a shoulder of support, a concerned caregiver makes a difference. Encouragement, peer pressure or whatever dynamic is at work, it’s always good to have others involved in  

Tools, tips and resources for people with dyslexia

Dyslexia is a life-long condition. You don’t cure it, you overcome it. When evaluating children Anne Hahnel, a speech language pathologist in St. Elizabeth Healthcare’s Department of Audiology and Speech Pathology, says she often hears their parents say, “I was the same way.” “When I ask them how they coped I’ll hear things like, ‘I  

Signs of dyslexia: What parents need to watch for

Diagnosing and addressing dyslexia early isn’t just important to ensuring your child stays on track academically, it’s important to their self-esteem. “When a first or second grader sees all the other kids ‘getting it’ and they don’t, they start to feel dumb,” says Anne Hahnel, a speech language pathologist in St. Elizabeth Healthcare’s Department of  

Feeling SAD? Tips to take on seasonal depression

Shorter days and grayer skies could leave you feeling blue. If you’re caught up in a rut that comes and goes with the winter season, you might be affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). SAD, sometimes referred to as seasonal depression, is a type of depression linked to the changing of the seasons. While it’s  

The science behind animal therapy

Although animal-assisted therapy dates only to the 1990s, people have long had a gut appreciation for the succor animals provide. In the 1960s child psychologist Boris Levinson wrote about “pet therapy” after observing the role his dog, Jingles, played in helping patients open up. Florence Nightingale wrote about the ways “animal companions” helped soldiers wounded  

Did Debbie Reynolds die of a broken heart?

With the recent news of Debbie Reynolds’ death, the world is wondering: Can you really die of a  

Tight holiday budget? Don’t worry yourself sick

They call it “the most wonderful time of the year,” but the holiday season can be downright terrible when money is giving you problems. Between putting food on the table, buying gifts for friends and family, and making sure the bills get paid, the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas can be extremely stressful. Stress related