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Mental Health

The science behind animal therapy

Although animal-assisted therapy dates only to the 1990s, people have long had a gut appreciation for the succor  

Camp helps children dealing with loss of loved one

Animals – including horses – can provide comfort to children dealing with the death of a loved one. For the fourth consecutive year, St. Elizabeth Hospice – along with equine therapist Beth Long – is offering an Equine Grief Camp to children ages 9 to 18. All the children who attend the camp have experienced the  

Where your teen should volunteer this summer

Summer is the ideal time for teenagers to put their spare time to good use by volunteering in  

What teen mental health experts say about ’13 Reasons Why’

The popular Netflix series 13 Reasons Why has created a lot of buzz over the last few weeks, forcing the subject of teen suicide into national conversation. The show, which is produced by Selena Gomez and based on a book by Jay Asher, tells the story of a 17-year-old girl’s suicide through cassette tapes listened  

World Health Day focuses on preventing and treating depression

Because depression is ubiquitous, debilitating and – at its worst – deadly, the World Health Organization will mark World Health Day (April 7) part of a year-long campaign focused on educating people about depression and how to seek help for the condition. Depression is an illness that can happen to anybody. The mental anguish it  

Sesame Street introduces new character with autism

Sesame Street, famous for inclusion, acceptance and “sunny days,” is introducing a new character in an effort to promote greater understanding of autism. Julia, a green-eyed girl with pumpkin-orange hair, will make her Sesame Street debut in April during National Autism Awareness Month. Julia is a key part of Sesame Street’s initiative to raise understanding  

Talk to your college students about a safe spring break

For many college students, spring break is a welcome respite from the academic pressure of school and a chance to enjoy a little fun in the sun. For too many students, however, it can be a time of excess and poor choices in an unfamiliar environment. What can parents do to help ensure their teens  

Volunteering is good for your health

Looking for a New Year’s resolution that benefits everyone? Consider volunteering. A growing body of evidence shows people who volunteer live longer, healthier lives, according to a research review of 32 studies conducted by the Corporation for National & Community Service. The report cites evidence suggesting that volunteering enhances a person’s social networks and has  

Busting the myths about eating disorders

Although some 30 million Americans struggle with an eating disorder at some point in their lives, there are a lot of myths surrounding the condition. “As a society, we frequently hide, deny or otherwise avoid discussing mental health and addiction disorders,” says Dr. Philip Hartman, a family physician in St. Elizabeth Physicians’ Union US 42  

6 tips to help your loved one defeat a medical condition

It’s not the label; it’s the connection that can make a world of difference in defeating health challenges. Whether they are taking notes, clarifying explanations or just offering a shoulder of support, a concerned caregiver makes a difference. Encouragement, peer pressure or whatever dynamic is at work, it’s always good to have others involved in