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Men’s Health

Take the first step in preventing prostate cancer

Approximately 17 percent of men (1 in 6) are diagnosed with prostate cancer at some point in their  

Local woman conquers her lifelong addiction to cigarettes

Teresa Cecil, from Highland Heights, KY, just won the fight of her life – the battle to stop  

New procedure provides relief for acid reflux disease

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), commonly known as acid reflux disease, affects as many as one in five Americans. If the valve at the bottom of the esophagus leading to the stomach doesn’t close completely, food particles or acid from the stomach can flow back into the esophagus, leading to heartburn and/or regurgitation. But many people  

Be on the lookout for West Nile virus

The Cincinnati Enquirer recently warned the Tri-State of mosquitoes that tested positive for West Nile virus in Blue Ash, so we tracked down a few facts  

Athletes: There’s something more important than good shoes

Stacey McConnell has a question for athletes who invest in good shoes. When’s the last time you really paid attention to what you put in them? “You’ve got to have your legs, and you’ve got to have your feet,” said McConnell, an avid runner and a St. Elizabeth Healthcare certified physical therapist. “We go through  

Stay vigilant against Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is on the rise, according to the CDC, and tick bites are the cause. Prevention is  

Is shoulder pain caused by your rotator cuff?

Are you plagued by shoulder pain? You aren’t alone. Recent data shows that nearly 2 million Americans visit  

87-year-old heart patient enjoys better quality of life with family

One day, Raymond Scheller realized that he could not walk to his own mailbox in Villa Hills without panting and running out of breath. Sure, he’s in his 80s, but Raymond wants to stay active and healthy as long as possible. Raymond worked for 22 years as a pharmacist at St. Elizabeth. Now, in retirement,  

St. Elizabeth now offers same day total hip replacement

St. Elizabeth and OrthoCincy now offer same day total hip replacement as an alternative to traditional hip replacement. Total hip replacement is one of many outpatient orthopedic surgery options available at St. Elizabeth and OrthoCincy that help you get back to living life without limits. The St. Elizabeth Total Joint Center gives patients more options  

Have arch or heel pain in the mornings? It could be plantar fasciitis

When I had plantar fasciitis, I didn’t know it at first. I woke up one morning after a