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87-year-old heart patient enjoys better quality of life with family

One day, Raymond Scheller realized that he could not walk to his own mailbox in Villa Hills without panting and running out of breath. Sure, he’s in his 80s, but Raymond wants to stay active and healthy as long as possible. Raymond worked for 22 years as a pharmacist at St. Elizabeth. Now, in retirement,  

St. Elizabeth now offers same day total hip replacement

St. Elizabeth and OrthoCincy now offer same day total hip replacement as an alternative to traditional hip replacement. Total hip replacement is one of many outpatient orthopedic surgery options available at St. Elizabeth and OrthoCincy that help you get back to living life without limits. The St. Elizabeth Total Joint Center gives patients more options  

Have arch or heel pain in the mornings? It could be plantar fasciitis

When I had plantar fasciitis, I didn’t know it at first. I woke up one morning after a  

Prevention is key: Schedule an annual exam today

If you pay attention to your body, you know when something just doesn’t feel right. That’s why self-breast  

AED saves NKY man’s life

The text Jackie Bartley’s 17-year-old daughter sent him after his sudden cardiac arrest last February still brings tears  

Traveling this summer? Check out these tips now

Traveling overseas for business or pleasure can be exciting, but it can take a toll on your health. Before you hop on that plane, make an appointment with the experts at St. Elizabeth Business Health’s Travel Medicine program. “Countries outside of the United States have varying standards of care, and disease risks can change by  

Searching for the perfect Father’s Day gift? Look no further

With Father’s Day fast approaching, it’s tempting to fall back into familiar gift-giving habits. Why not show Dad  

NKY man survives heart attack thanks to bystander CPR and quick paramedic response

Walter “Ray” Webster is eager to fish again and ride his motorcycle. Webster collapsed from a heart attack on  

Athletes: Avoid heat-related injuries

As the weather warms up and summer training begins, preventing heat-related injuries in student athletes becomes a huge priority for local health officials, coaches and parents. “We still have about 10 athletes that die of heat stroke, mostly in football, every five years,” said Dr. Michael Miller of St. Elizabeth Sports Medicine. There’s a lot