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Family Health

Vaccine linked to sharp reduction of HPV in teenagers

Every year, more than 27,000 cancer cases are attributed to a single cause that can easily be prevented.  

Update: Selena Gomez receives kidney transplant after lupus diagnosis

A version of this story discussing Selena Gomez’s lupus originally ran on Oct. 12, 2015. The story was  

Encourage your teen to volunteer

Many middle-school age kids want to put in service hours for church or school, but may not know  

Take the first step in preventing prostate cancer

Approximately 17 percent of men (1 in 6) are diagnosed with prostate cancer at some point in their  

Beware the dangers of dehydration

As student athletes return to the field for the fall sports season, maintaining proper levels of hydration should be on every coach’s and parent’s mind. The symptoms and repercussions of extreme dehydration can be severe. Parents and coaches should monitor players for signs of possible dehydration.   These symptoms may include: Fatigue Dizziness Headache Muscle cramps  

Sports Asthma 101

Back-to-school season is here, and parents likely picked up the backpacks, pencils and notebooks on their child’s supply  

Safety first when viewing the eclipse

It’s been nearly 40 years since the last total solar eclipse was visible in the United States. Today’s eclipse will be visible for 2 hours and 50 minutes in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area beginning at 1:00 p.m., with peak viewing time at 2:28 p.m. While this is an exciting natural spectacle to witness,  

A “Safer Way to Sleep” for babies

A new campaign to save babies’ lives is being embraced at hospitals across the country. The “Safer Way to Sleep” campaign gets rid of the traditional pink and blue blankets which have lined nurseries for years. “Every five days a baby dies from a sleep-related death in the state of Kentucky, which is really unfortunate,”  

Hospice providers making a big difference for kids who have suffered loss

The team at St. Elizabeth Healthcare has an amazing hospice team that not only cares for those who need it at the end of life, but also the families who need support when they lose a loved one. This summer, part of that was helping to fund a special day camp that just finished a two-week  

11 “must do” summer activities in Cincinnati

Summer is the perfect time to get some exercise in the great outdoors, but, unfortunately, summer is almost over! Research shows that there are mental health benefits to spending time in nature, so get out and try these activities before the kids head back to school:   FREE exercise classes in a local park Washington