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Working night shifts may increase risk of diabetes

Working nights significantly increases African-American women’s risk of developing diabetes, new research shows. The findings carry “important public  

How to avoid unhealthy cheese choices

It’s easy to think all cheeses are healthy – at least all the cheeses that don’t come in a can. But, sometimes even natural cheeses aren’t good for you. Lindsey House, registered dietitian at St. Elizabeth Physicians Weight Management Center takes you on a quick tour of the cheese aisle to help you make the right decisions.  

Thaw out with a June race

Spring is here! If you’re looking for a good way to get motivated for summer, consider registering for  

How that April Fool’s Day joke could make you healthier

Need an excuse to play a practical joke on your spouse, child or office mate today? We have  

14 healthy snack suggestions when you need to nosh

When you feel anxious, pay attention to what you do next. Are you reaching for a sweet or  

Honoring Doctor’s Day: The physician becomes a patient

Dr. Pat Birrer is an accomplished physician, the medical director of the St. Elizabeth Wound Care Center in  

Celebrating Doctor’s Day: The doc who will make you laugh

Dr. Del Burchell has never seen himself as a solo act. Ask him about singing, and he’ll tell  

Why your spouse should join your next yoga class

We usually think of yoga as a solo activity. You might imagine a serene yogi quietly clearing his mind  

6 stroke risk factors that can be treated

As with anything in life, there are elements you can control and elements you can’t control. This is