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MSJ player’s aggressive cancer rare for adults

By now, you’ve heard the plight of Mount St. Joseph basketball player Lauren Hill, a story both terrible and inspiring. Hill, 19, from Lawrenceburg, Ind., is set to play in the Mount’s season-opener on Sunday at Xavier’s Cintas Center (the Xavier arena will accommodate a larger crowd). The game was moved up two weeks to  

Missing magnesium could cause health problems

Time for a quick quiz – what comes to mind when I say “magnesium?” 60 plus years of  

What your sleep position really means?

Do you sleep on your back, on your side or sprawled out across the entire bed? Your sleep position may be telling you more than you think. In addition to affecting your health (stress on organs and spine) and the quality of rest you get (difficulty breathing than can interrupt sleep), your sleep position could  

10 Alzheimer’s warning signs you could overlook

Everyone forgets where they left the keys once in a while, or temporarily misplaces a co-worker’s name. Little slips like that are often a sign of stress or overwork, not dementia. Alzheimer’s disease, which results from changes in the brain that occur over a long period of years, causes a slow decline in thinking and  

13 tips to have a safe and fun Halloween

Here are some tips to make sure the kids have a BOO-tiful time on Halloween by preventing any  

The secret to finding effective anti-aging products

Looking for an anti-aging product that actually works? Maybe it’s time you stopped searching for the latest-and-greatest product  

Why is my poop that color?

Has the word “poop” or maybe a poop joke ever paid a visit to your dinner table? If  

What is the Paleo diet?

“The Paleo Diet,” by Dr. Loren Cordain, outlines a way of eating based on the food availability of  

How to train smart as you age

Is running your passion? Or tennis or weekend pick-up games on the basketball court? Whether you’ve been active  

Music playlist can improve high-intensity workout

High-intensity workouts are all the rage these days. From cycling to cross-fit training, these short, intense bursts burn  

The tiny device that keeps your heart pumping

No wires. Quicker recovery. Fewer complications. And a battery that lasts 12-20 years. These are just a few  

3 steps to keeping prescription drugs out of your kids’ hands

Prescription drug abuse is a serious problem facing America’s youth and their parents. In order to prevent and