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Pros and cons of pad and tampon alternatives

When your monthly period shows up, there are new alternative products beyond the typical tampons and pads. A menstrual cup – which has been around for 80 years but has recently gained popularity – is a flexible, bell-shaped, rubber or silicone cup that is inserted into the vagina to catch menstrual fluid instead of absorbing  

St. Elizabeth first in the world to offer new shoulder replacement

Have trouble moving your shoulder? Can’t reach the top shelf, or throw a ball like you used to?  

You can’t afford to miss out on stand-up work station benefits

Mike Chitwood, a certified ergonomic assessment specialist at St. Elizabeth Business Health Services, explains adjustable (or stand-up) work  

Volunteering is good for your health

Looking for a New Year’s resolution that benefits everyone? Consider volunteering. A growing body of evidence shows people  

Protect your family during flu season

It’s flu season, and if you think your house is immune to the germs your child is bringing home from school, think again. The good news is, most studies have shown that the flu virus can only live and potentially infect a person for two to eight hours after it’s deposited on a surface. That  

7 new meal prep ideas

If you resolved to eat better, healthier foods in 2017, one of the quickest and easiest ways to  

Signs of dyslexia: What parents need to watch for

Diagnosing and addressing dyslexia early isn’t just important to ensuring your child stays on track academically, it’s important to their self-esteem. “When a first or second grader sees all the other kids ‘getting it’ and they don’t, they start to feel dumb,” says Anne Hahnel, a speech language pathologist in St. Elizabeth Healthcare’s Department of  

Do mammograms lead to unnecessary treatments?

Mammograms are life-saving for many women. Yet, according to a Danish study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine,  

Young women more vulnerable to knee injuries?

High school basketball season is upon us, and that means loud gyms, spirited rivalries and fierce competition. Unfortunately, it can also mean serious knee injuries – particularly for girls and young women. If you’re a female athlete, you’re at least twice and up to 10 times more likely to suffer a torn knee ligament as  

5 ways to protect your skin this winter

Winter can be hard on the skin. The air is drier, there’s usually more wind, and we’re often wearing clothes that are heavy and scratchy. What can you do to protect your skin from the harsh elements of winter? Dr. Holly Gunn, medical director of the Dermatology, Aesthetic and Laser Center at St. Elizabeth Physicians  

Mending your mind: Meditation at work

What is the most important tool you use at work? Is it a machine supplied by your company? A computer? How about your hands? For physical laborers, one of the above might be the correct answer. But in a business environment that’s constantly evolving thanks to advancements in technology, the most important tool in virtually  

Real tools to live longer

Imagine a plan to live longer. One tailored to your heart and your health history. St. Elizabeth Heart  

4 things you may not know about NICU nurses

Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but sometimes it’s hard not to picture neonatal nurses leaning back in a rocker,  

My journey to a celiac disease diagnosis

For me, celiac disease was a diagnosis that came only after my own persistence with my doctor upon learning that my father – who had similar symptoms – was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease. Celiac typically causes digestive issues when the body overreacts to food containing gluten, a protein found in wheat, rye and barley  

New guidance for preventing peanut allergies

Forget what you thought you knew about infants and peanuts. On Jan. 5, experts at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) issued new guidelines that recommend introducing infants to peanut-containing foods early to prevent the development of peanut allergy. The revised recommendations are based on findings from the Learning Early About Peanut