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8 unexpected things that happen when you’re pregnant

So it’s finally happened, the moment you’ve been waiting for – you’re pregnant! Now what? You probably know  

Video: Adding avocados to your diet

Avocados are all the rage right now. Restaurants are adding them to salads, toast, sandwiches, burritos, even turning them into pudding and desserts. They are also the staple in one of our favorite foods – guacamole. But why are they so popular? Are they really that good for you? Karah Stanley, RD, LD, with the  

Calcifications could be putting your heart at risk

A simple, non-invasive scan can show doctors if specks of calcium in your arteries are putting you at  

LOL: Young baseball stars deserve an academy award [Video]

Alright, baseball fans, who’s heard of the old hidden ball trick? OK, probably most of you. But how many of you have executed it and gotten the out? We’re guessing not many, but the young players in this video make it look easy! For those of you who aren’t sure how the trick works, you  

Safe practices for home injections

Odds are, over the course of your lifetime you’ll know someone who administers self-injections for medical reasons, if  

Sinus headache or migraine?

Spring is here, pollen is in the air, there’s a change in the weather and sinus headaches are on the horizon, right? Wrong. While headache sufferers often describe their discomfort as a “sinus headache,” a true sinus headache (clinically called rhinosinusitis) is actually fairly uncommon and comes as a result of a viral or bacterial  

What you should eat: Sprouted grains and salmon

We asked St. Elizabeth Physicians Weight Management Center dietitians Amber Cranfield, Betsy Oriolo, Rebecca Jilek, Patti Kowaloski and  

5 reasons to go bananas for bananas

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but if you want to be as mighty as Kong, you might want to grab a banana instead. According to nutritionists, Americans’ favorite yellow fruit has an appeal that goes far beyond its peel’s comedic effect. It’s not even the peel that readily tells you if  

7 tips for race recovery

You’re trained for weeks, months, maybe even years for this day. You know exactly what time you’re aiming  

Vaccine has reduced HPV in teenage girls by almost two-thirds

Ten years after the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine was first recommended for adolescent girls in the United States,  

What causes ingrown hairs?

If you have an irritated bump on a place you commonly shave, it could be an ingrown hair.  

Quitting sugar for good

We’ve all heard it before, but just in case you need a reminder: Sugar is bad for us. But it’s also in everything. So, how does one go about trying to cut it out of their life entirely? Women’s Health Magazine created a list of phases, which we’ve paraphrased below. The phases are adapted from a  

How to make healthy choices in the drive-thru

Healthy eating is a priority for people with diabetes, but sometimes, fast food is the only option. Fast  

Stretching: The key to athletic success

Not every expert agrees on how best to stretch before a workout or athletic competition. But this part is universal: You should do some form of warm-up before jumping in to action. “The warm-up is critical,” said Dr. Tyler Browning of St. Elizabeth Healthcare Sports Medicine. “It’s especially important when people are just starting working  


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