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New cervical disc replacement offers neck pain relief

When your neck hurts – really hurts – it has a way of affecting your entire life. “The  

Should men avoid soy protein?

Protein intake is an important aspect of weight training. After all, putting in all that work at the gym is no good if you don’t ensure that it gets results. But not all proteins are created equal, at least in the eyes of many men in the fitness and weightlifting communities. Animal-based proteins are considered  

How to mend a broken heart

It’s more than a line in a poem. More than a lyric in a song. Your heart can  

Who’s eligible to see a dietitian?

Many of us would like to eat healthier. Many of us would like to lose a few pounds, and maybe more, while we do it. So at what point do we take the next step and consult with a registered dietitian, like those on staff at St. Elizabeth Physicians? “It’s a good question,” said Karah  

Fight arthritis and put a little jingle in your jog

Looking for a fun and healthy way to celebrate the season and make a difference? Lace up your  

Pick up one of these unique gifts

Have your kiddos been bitten by the greed bug this holiday season? It’s hard to blame them – they are the target audience for flashy commercials, giant catalogs filled with toys and packed displays at the supermarket. They also have great memories when it comes to holidays – didn’t grandma and grandpa bring a puppy  

What does the ideal workspace look like?

Whether the job is entry-level data entry or executive leadership, all office workspaces tend to have three things in common: A desk, a chair and a computer. Office jobs rarely entail any physical labor, but office workers are exposed to very real health risks. Long-term sedentary behavior can lead to serious – and potentially fatal  

Coping with loss during the holidays

The empty chair, the unhung stocking, the favorite story that isn’t told. “The death of a loved one  

Spread holiday cheer by volunteering locally

‘Tis the season of giving, and what better way to give than to give back? Whether you’re celebrating  

Quick recovery for Ky. man after life-saving scan showed spot on his lung

John Griess, a 66-year-old Bellevue, Ky. resident, had no noticeable symptoms before he was diagnosed with lung cancer early in 2016. A routine visit to his doctor showed elevated PSA levels. When a biopsy of his prostate displayed no cancer, doctors conducted further testing. A CT scan showed a small spot on the upper right  

Winter running: 9 tips to stay warm, dry and out of harm’s way

She’s a runner, too, so she understands the temptation of the open road. But as our winter finally  

Assessing your irregular heart rhythm

Your heart may seem to skip a beat, flutter, or feel like it’s racing. Or you may feel nothing out of the ordinary. Symptoms or not, explained Dr. Thomas P. Carrigan, irregular heart rhythm is very common, but it does increase the risk of stroke. The heart muscle relies on a steady mechanical sequence to  

Video: How much sugar is in popular beverages?

Amber Cranfield, a registered dietitian with the St. Elizabeth Physicians Weight Management Center, explains how much sugar is  

12 diabetes-friendly snack ideas

Conventional wisdom: Eat three square meals per day to maintain a healthy lifestyle. For people from all walks of life, that may sound good in theory. But it’s not practical in many cases, especially for people who are managing diabetes. For many diabetics, having a healthy snack on hand is essential to making it through  

What if your family health history is bad news?

What if the news is bad? If a family health history exposes a serious problem you didn’t know