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Latest research: Coconut oil isn’t as healthy as you think

The American Heart Association released a groundbreaking report earlier this month that may be shocking for coconut oil  

Lower your preeclampsia risk

If you are planning a pregnancy or even thinking about having a baby in the near future, prenatal experts at St. Elizabeth Healthcare say that now is the time to start working with your medical team to prevent preeclampsia and other pregnancy complications. Starting early can help lower the risks for preeclampsia, a common complication in  

87-year-old heart patient enjoys better quality of life with family

One day, Raymond Scheller realized that he could not walk to his own mailbox in Villa Hills without panting and running out of breath. Sure, he’s in his 80s, but Raymond wants to stay active and healthy as long as possible. Raymond worked for 22 years as a pharmacist at St. Elizabeth. Now, in retirement,  

The science behind animal therapy

Although animal-assisted therapy dates only to the 1990s, people have long had a gut appreciation for the succor  

Camp helps children dealing with loss of loved one

Animals – including horses – can provide comfort to children dealing with the death of a loved one. For the fourth consecutive year, St. Elizabeth Hospice – along with equine therapist Beth Long – is offering an Equine Grief Camp to children ages 9 to 18. All the children who attend the camp have experienced the  

Top 4 myths about heart disease in women

Reducing death and disability from heart disease and stroke is the goal of the American Heart Association and  

St. Elizabeth now offers same day total hip replacement

St. Elizabeth and OrthoCincy now offer same day total hip replacement as an alternative to traditional hip replacement. Total hip replacement is one of many outpatient orthopedic surgery options available at St. Elizabeth and OrthoCincy that help you get back to living life without limits. The St. Elizabeth Total Joint Center gives patients more options  

13 differences between a sports physical and an annual physical

Most students need an annual physical before they can start school or play sports, but do you know what the difference between a sports and an annual physical is? Before you schedule your child’s next appointment, check out the infographic below to learn more:     Click here to schedule an appointment today.      

Have arch or heel pain in the mornings? It could be plantar fasciitis

When I had plantar fasciitis, I didn’t know it at first. I woke up one morning after a  

Keep your eyes safe this Fourth of July

If you’re preparing to celebrate the Fourth with fireworks, remember that fireworks injure thousands of people each year, and 35 percent of firework victims are children ages 15 and under. That’s according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, which stresses that fireworks are not toys but incendiary devices that can cause devastating eye injuries. In  

Beware of this disease lurking in your public pool

Swimming and diarrhea just don’t mix. If you have diarrhea, stay out of the pool while you are  

11 “must do” summer activities in Cincinnati

Summer is the perfect time to get some exercise in the great outdoors. There are lots of activities to get you moving this summer, plus research shows that there are mental health benefits to spending time in nature. Here are a few ideas to get moving:   FREE exercise classes in a local park Washington  

Prevention is key: Schedule an annual exam today

If you pay attention to your body, you know when something just doesn’t feel right. That’s why self-breast  

Where your teen should volunteer this summer

Summer is the ideal time for teenagers to put their spare time to good use by volunteering in