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7 foods causing you to yawn

You’re sitting at your desk, daydreaming of your soft and cozy bed, your eyelids growing heavier, when the harsh  

LOL: Prank punks OSU football players

Every now and then we all enjoy a good scare. Whether it’s a horror movie or a trip through a haunted house – it can be fun to get the blood pumping. Well, a few members of the Ohio State football team got an unexpected fright recently. These players may be tough guys, but they  

How to help loved ones with dementia

Problems communicating are often one of the first signs a person has Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia. The loved one affected might keep telling the same story over and over again, keep using a familiar word wrong or inventing a new word for a familiar object (like calling a watch a “hand clock”). As  

How to keep your child at a healthy weight

Concerned your child may be gaining too much weight? Time to talk to your pediatrician. The American Academy  

Vaginal births are (still) safer than cesarean deliveries

Did you know that Kentucky has one of the highest rates of cesarean deliveries (C-sections) in the country?  

2 can’t-miss summer fairs

If you or your children ever participated in 4-H, you know how fun and rewarding it can be. 4-H  

Try this sweet, healthy dessert

If you’ve been craving a sweet, not-too-rich dessert this summer, Skinny Mom and the blog Two Peas & Their Pod have you  

How to prevent diabetic ketoacidosis

Diabetes, if not properly managed, can have nasty consequences, including vision loss, amputations, heart disease and stroke or  

What TO say and NOT to say to someone with cancer

When Linda Schilling was undergoing treatment for breast cancer, sometimes friends’ most well-meant comments irked her the most.  

16 fruits and vegetables to buy in August

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy fresh produce, whether you buy it from your grocery store or visit a local farmers market. Eating in-season food is as kind to your wallet as it is to your diet. Dining on fruits and vegetables that don’t need to travel across the country or the ocean mean that  

Consider these berry benefits

The blueberries, strawberries and raspberries in season and available at farmers’ markets across the Tri-State are a nutritional  

What your handwriting may mean

Did you know an analysis of your handwriting can reveal a great deal about your personality and even your  


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