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Your top 5 flu questions answered

We know how you feel about getting shots. This little girl pretty much captures my reaction any time I need to get a shot or vaccination: Even if Michaela and I can’t stand shots, let me assure you – your flu shot won’t be that bad. After my pain-related question was answered – I had  

Do you know the symptoms of a heart attack? What to do in an emergency?

It’s the mission of Mayo Clinic cardiologist Dr. Martha Grogan to ensure you can answer both questions with a confident “yes.” “We know that heart disease is our number one problem for men and women. But people don’t really know what to do,” said Grogan.  There is a large percentage of people, including well-educated people,  

10 tips for Alzheimer’s caregivers

Last year, more than 15 million Americans provided unpaid daily care valued at $220 billion for loved ones  

2 free tools to help determine your risk for breast cancer

Do you know your likelihood for developing breast cancer? If not, do you know how to find out?  

Are we over-sanitizing?

How many times have you seen it? A small bottle of hand sanitizer attached to a mom’s purse,  

The perfect egg

My first year of college, I recall going on an egg diet to avoid the “freshman fifteen” –  

Debate continues over Kinesio tape

It started showing up at the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008: The athletic tape stuck to the arms,  

Parents: take extra caution with prescription medications

Kids can get into dangerous things around the house. Even after the baby-proofing stages, there are everyday items  

18 warning signs of hypoglycemia

Most people associate diabetes with blood sugar levels that are too high. Over the long haul, high blood  

Your body after baby: what no one tells you

After your baby is born, there are some… surprises. And we’re not just talking about the cute, little  

Treating prostate cancer – with icicles

Using tiny needles guided by an ultrasound probe, surgeons can freeze cancer cells in the prostate and send