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8 tips to enjoy apple-picking season

October is prime apple picking season in the Tri-State. Take advantage of this great opportunity to visit one of the many local apple orchards to pick your own apples. This outing is suitable for the entire family…adults pick off the tree and kids pick the low hanging fruit (which may mean off the ground for  

6 appointments your child can’t afford to miss

The first few months after my son was born, I was at the pediatrician’s office a lot. Because I spent so much time there, worrying my son might have one ailment or another, I came to be pretty chummy with the doctor, so I laughed when she smiled one day and joked that my son  

18 PMS-fighting foods

There are several reasons women dread their menstrual cycles. This is probably not news. What could be news  

Which is healthier: kettle-cooked or regular chips?

Salty snacks are one of my weaknesses, especially when it comes to potato chips. What’s not to love  

Healthy goodies for your goblins

Trick or treat snacks are traditionally sweet, chewy, high calorie and non-nourishing. This year, consider giving individually wrapped  

What is Afib?

Your heart seems to race. Or beats too slow. It could very well be one of the most  

Help may be on the way for Parkinson’s patients

It can begin with an almost unnoticeable shake. Or an unexplained bout of “clumsiness.” If fact, it might  

5 tips for developing healthy baby teeth

Right now, medical practitioners across the region are struggling to control an epidemic. And no, it’s not heroin  

Let’s talk about B vitamins

In the alphabet soup of vitamins, B vitamins are key to include in your diet. They are responsible  

Eat fish without fear

We know that fish is a great source of Omega 3s, but we also know our oceans are  

4 signs of Parkinson’s disease

As many as a million Americans live with Parkinson’s disease, a chronic neurological disorder that affects voluntary movement,  

Start strong with a breakfast power wrap

Protein first thing in the morning can be a great source of energy to keep you moving all