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Are erectile dysfunction and heart disease linked?

Impotence may be an early sign of heart disease and men who have problems getting or maintaining an  

Why #TheDress can be white and blue

Our office came to a screeching halt this morning and chaos ensued, all over one photo. In case you missed it, families, friends and coworkers are being torn apart over the blue/black, white/gold dress debacle. So, do you see the dress as white or blue? While we all enjoy a good debate, our friends at  

Strengthen your legs before the big race [Video]

Strengthening your leg muscles is crucial to any pre-race training. If you’re familiar with the Heart Mini and  

Try to watch without laughing [Video]

It’s Friday, and we know you’re ready for the weekend! Here’s a little boost to help you make  

New development: peanut allergy may be preventable

In case you missed it, a new study was released this week about a discovery that may lead  

4 tricks to sneak heart-healthy foods into your diet

Performance is one word all men understand – there’s no “Men are from Mars” chance of being misunderstood. “The way to a man’s heart is to appeal to his performance, whether you are talking about sports or doing well in business or whatever,” advised Wendy Coughlan, clinical dietitian at St. Elizabeth Healthcare. Now, we get  

Everything you need to know about oatmeal [Video]

In this week’s Nutrition in a Minute video, Lindsey House, registered dietitian from St. Elizabeth Physicians Weight Management Center, explains which types of oatmeal offer the best health benefits. All types of oatmeal are a great source of fiber and can be a filling breakfast option, especially, as Lindsey explains in the video, if you  

4 effortless ways to monitor your heart rate

You know it’s important to get your heart rate up and keep it up to get the most from your workout. That’s simple enough. But figuring out your magic number? Not so simple. The sign at the gym and the chart you found on the Internet are based on age and a relatively healthy individual.  

5 surprising stress side effects

Your chest gets tight. You can hear the blood rushing by your ears. You start to sweat. That  

AED on site can save lives

Sudden Cardiac Death has been identified as a public health issue affecting adults and children – including athletes. It causes more than 300,000 deaths a year in the United States, making it the largest cause of natural death in this country. Heightened awareness and public discussion can only be a good thing. Sudden Cardiac Death  

20 things to throw away before spring cleaning

It may be frigid outside, but this weekend is the perfect time to start your spring cleaning. Throwing  

5 best stretches for runners [Video]

If you’re like me, stretching is the worst part of running. Whether I’m trying to warm up before  

Preventative medicine – key to improving heart health

February is American Heart Month in which organizations across the country come together to save lives and beat heart disease. St. Elizabeth Healthcare is committed to reducing heart-related deaths in Northern Kentucky by 25 percent before 2025. We’ve posted a heart health story every weekday this month, and will do so through the end of this week.